Excellence in Service

At Extrusions Australia, we believe that a close relationship and an ongoing exchange of technical information with our customers is essential. This partnership also benefits the industries we both serve as technology is constantly changing. Our customer service people strive to provide responsive and timely solutions to your extrusion requirements. Our extrusion experts will help you evaluate and fill your aluminium product needs, from the design to delivery. We can meet your challenge!

Excellence in Quality

We aim to provide you with efficient and knowledgeable technical assistance with stringent control of profiles. Our policy of rigid quality control (covered by our ISO9001 certified procedures) and continuous improvement will ensure the quality of your product is always at the highest possible level. We are committed to becoming and remaining your supplier of choice.

Excellence in Delivery

We are proud to introduce shorter lead times to the Australian market. At Extrusions Australia we pride ourselves on being reliable and providing on-time delivery, whilst complying with your individual packaging needs.