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Extrusions Australia – A Short History

Extrusions Australia (EA) began producing aluminium profiles in 2005 and can be considered as the only independent extrusion plant in Australia. Extrusions Australia is a privately owned company (Melbourne-based family) with an objective to focus solely on the extrusion of aluminium profiles.

Currently, EA has two presses in operation, using 203 mm (8”) billets and extruding soft alloys (6060, 6063), medium hard alloy (6106, 6005A) and hard alloys (6061, 6351), and provides extruded profiles to customers throughout Australia and overseas.

Importantly, EA has a well-documented procedure that governs Quality Control throughout the production of the extruded profiles. To formalise these procedures and demonstrate to our customers that EA shall continue to maintain these Quality procedures, we obtained ISO9001 certification in March 2011.

Finally, EA has developed a professional approach to the technical assessment of extrusion capability of profiles and assistance with section design. This area shall always remain an area of continuous improvement and where we aim to remain a step ahead of the rest. As part of this improvement, EA has established an internal Drawing Office. This department produces quality section drawings for the customer, assists in pre-assessment of each profile and seeks avenues of improvement should the product prove ineffective at fabrication level. This also gives the customer a direct line of communication prior to die manufacture to strengthen the efficiency of both companies.

Extrusions Australia also has its own Die Design and Manufacturing business (SEDCO Australia) on the same site as the extrusion presses and allows exclusive manufacture of dies with short lead times.

EA Future

EA is continuing to grow its market share and our company policy is to remain focussed on supplying high quality aluminium profiles. That is, EA is not a distributor nor associated with any downstream fabrication (e.g. windows & doors) and we do not compete in the same market place as our customers – we are focussed on maintaining this philosophy.

We have a purpose built facility in Truganina (in Melbourne’s western suburbs) which includes the operation of 2 extrusion presses and we have the capability to extrude profiles of up to 280 mm (circumscribed circle diameter) using both soft and hard alloys.

EA has developed logistics streams to allow the shipment of large volumes of goods throughout Australia in an efficient manner which will maintain our short lead time goals. We look forward to developing new long term relationships with our customers, providing technical support and high quality products.

EA Factory
Extrusions Australia’s facility at Andretti Court, Truganina

Supply by Extrusions Australia

Standard Supply Parameters:
  • Standard lead time is 10 working days (mill finish). For urgent orders, please advise requirements and we’ll do our best to supply to your needs
  • Delivery in standard wooden packs, or steel stillages (at a discount rate)
  • Delivery Australia wide in a timely manner
  • Powdercoating or Anodising services available
Ordering System:
  • We will adapt our orders to your system
  • To your specific needs – e.g. bar codes, part numbers, etc
Key Performance Indicators:
  • Delivery on time
  • Quality – % returned goods
Other Services:
  • Punching (slotting) of sill sections
  • Precision cutting to length

Why buy Australian?

Advantages of buying local (Australian produced aluminium profiles):
  • Significantly reduced stock holding due to short lead times
  • Improved cash flow (because of reduced stock)
  • Orders to supplier based on just-in-time delivery. Hence, less requirement for orders based on forecasts
  • Local technical support – design advice from an extrusion viewpoint
  • Flexibility (orders, packing style)
  • Rapid resolution of any faults